iFOREXPartners FAQ


  • Why should I become a Forex trading affiliate?

    Forex is one of the fastest growing online industries today. You can take part of the Forex revolution as an affiliate and make money by letting future traders enter this increasingly popular financial market.

  • Who can Join?

    Anyone above the age of 18.

  • Are there any fees to join iFOREXPartners?

    Our affiliate code of conduct ensures that there are no costs or monthly fees to be a member at iFOREXPartners.

  • How do I register to become an iFOREXPartners affiliate?

    Simply fill out our register form and the affiliate agreement here. Once you receive an e-mail confirmation, enter our affiliate website and select the marketing material you want to use.

  • What if I do not feel comfortable giving payment information?

    Unfortunately the only way for you to receive commission is by filling out this information. iFOREXPartners provides numerous methods of payment; you can choose the method that you find most comfortable.

  • What if I do not have my payment information at the moment?

    Payment information can always be filled out at a later date. However, if you have earned commissions please be aware that missing payment details during a monthly payment period can lead to waiting for the next monthly payout.

  • Am I eligible to become an iFOREX affiliate?

    We reserve the right to refuse any site or client becoming an iFOREXPartners’ affiliate who we deem offensive, illegal or that is in violation of the Affiliate Agreement. This includes the use of defamatory language, pornography, material supporting violence or discriminatory groups or any other content which infringes on our or third parties’ intellectual property or is otherwise illegal.


  • Do I have access to your support services?

    Absolutely. iFOREXPartners provides all of its clients with multi-lingual support services. Once confirmed as an affiliate, our customer support team is available to answer any questions regarding set up, account details, payment information or any other questions you may have.

  • What marketing tools do you provide?

    iFOREXPartners offers designated banners, emails, text, destination links, mailers and landing pages to different territories to ensure your affiliate marketing campaign is optimized for highest conversions. Please see our Marketing Tools page for further information.

  • What if I forget my password?

    No problem. Simply email support@iforexpartners.com and we will walk you through the steps.

  • How may I contact iFOREXPartners for further information?

    Simply go to the Contact Us page or email us support@iforexpartners.com for any questions that you did not find in our FAQ.


  • How does the commission structure work?

    The commission you receive depends on the affiliate agreement. You can log in to your account to view your commissions at your convenience.

  • What is CPA?

    Cost Per Acquisition, or commonly referred to as CPA, is a commission structure where you receive a predetermined commission for each new approved and active customer that opens and operates a new account through iFOREXPartners.

  • What is the definition of a Customer?

    A Customer is someone who has been referred through one of your affiliate marketing tools and who fulfilled all the conditions required in the Affiliate Agreement.

  • What is the CPA requirement?

    The trader must deposit funds and trade at least once in order to be considered a new customer.

  • When is the affiliate commission paid?

    Affiliate commissions are paid on the 10th of the following month.

  • How is the affiliate commission paid?

    Affiliates can be paid via wire transfer, Moneybookers, WebMoney, Western Union or directly into your trading account.

  • What is the minimum payout amount for commission?

    The minimum payout is 300 USD. Should the Commission for any calendar month be less than 300 USD, then the commission shall be carried over to the next calendar month until the total payment equals or exceeds 300 USD.

  • Why didn’t I get paid?

    If this occurs please contact your Affiliate Manager. This does not happen often, but when it does it is most likely due to payment details not being correct or payment was rejected. Make sure to double check your payment details carefully. Once your payment details are corrected, the missing payment will be added to the following month’s payment period.

  • Can my commissions be negative?

    Although commissions are almost always positive, there may be cases where commissions can be negative on a specific day such as the following:
    If your commissions’ structure is CPA, and a customer you brought committed a chargeback or a Fraud, then you would incur a negative commission which equals the amount of commission you previously received for bringing the customer.

  • Where can I find my reports?

    You can find all the reports under the reports tab in the tracking system.


  • What is the duration of the cookie?

    It is a 30 day cookie

  • How is my traffic tracked to my account?

    Your traffic is tracked by dedicated unique trackers.

  • How I can create a link?

    You can create a link using our affiliate software.

  • Can I refer an affiliate?

    Absolutely! To refer an affiliate simply use the refer affiliate link you have in the main page of your account. You will get percentages from the commissions they make to us. We suggest you to apply potential affiliates with your referral link in order to sign affiliates iFOREXPartners. After they register, you can sit back and receive payments for their work!

  • How do I promote?

    You can promote iFOREXPartners by using the free affiliate Marketing Tools which are available in your account. Place links and banners which are carrying your affiliate ID at:

        • Sites you have access to: your own sites, blogs you are active in, profiles etc.
        • Your friends’ sites and affiliate blogs
        • Negotiate with site owners to promote at their sites
        • Start a pay per click campaign such as Google Adwords, Yahoo! and so on
        • Open a new forum or a mini site on financial fields
        • Send newsletters to potential traders
        • Use community networking sites such as Facebook and others

  • Do you offer White Label?

    No, iFOREXPartners does not offer White Label.

  • Do I need to have a website?

    No. Having an affiliate blog or website is an excellent marketing tool but it is not necessary. There are various ways to conduct a very effective marketing campaign and we will be able to provide you with consultation and material to support your work.